xCess Manpower Blog http://www.xcessmanpower.com/blog/ Latest Products Fri, 22 Sep 2023 03:58:08 +0530 en-us http://www.xcessmanpower.com Why You Need a Professional Resume http://www.xcessmanpower.com/blog/why-you-need-a-professional-resume_9101.htm Wed, 29 Jul 2020 10:51:53 +0530 Just imagine, If you are buy a gift for your friend in gift shop than what will you notice first before buying it? Yes you thought right, it is "THE LOOK".     Same thing applies to your RESUME, being in industry for more than 8 years we have seen many talented candidates losing attention just because they have not prepared a properly managed resume. Even recruiter dose not wants to even read first line of the RESUME of such candidates. Most of resumes have improper formats, spelling mistakes, font size, and lack of information and relevant keywords. Today’s world is full of digitalization and technology, a person knows everything about their field but if he does not know a basic thing about technology and does not apply to his daily lives than believe me s/he will be thrown out of the room.   If you go to any marriage function and see group of people talking about on some topic and when you notice a person who is standing silent that means s/he is not having any idea of what others are talking about and that makes him feel low. Same thing happens to a person who do not understand the true value of PROFESIONAL RESUME, trust me your RESUME is your first impression to any job you apply anywhere in the world. So why should you take this for granted.     I have heard candidates keep complaining all time about unemployment, good job opportunity, not getting dream job and  so on, but they don't have any single idea about why the unemployment exist in market. Sometimes the leakage is in our tank itself and we don’t even come to notice about it until tank is empty so before your tank gets empty, so better to start focusing on your limitations and work on them and if you at least try to improve it with little efforts everyday than I guarantee you will not the same person tomorrow. Gone are the days when you used to get job just by giving reference of someone who is in higher position, today’s world is full of competition and staying in it you must keep updated about latest trends.     Hiring managers who receive hundreds resume for a single position, thus he will not go through all resumes one by one rather he will use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which is popular since last 5 to 6 years while recruitment process as it saves time and accurate also. Now you have idea what this ATS do, it will neglect those resumes with improper formats, no relevant key words, spelling mistakes, lack of information, ATS will give a best suitable 10-15 resumes out of 100 resumes to a Hiring Manager. Even if you have relevant job skills, your resume will directly go to recycle bin without attention. So why should you take risk to lose your opportunity to get your dream job just because improper resume. Now you understand the importance of RESUME. Think on it.   So my purpose is to make you aware about importance of a PROFESSIONAL RESUME in today's digital era, hope you like my blog, If you want to comment on this than you're most welcome.     If you want to get your PROFESSIONAL RESUME by our industry expert, you are just a call away. Why it is important to outsource recruitment process in 2023? http://www.xcessmanpower.com/blog/why-it-is-important-to-outsource-recruitment-process-in-2023_15884.htm Mon, 11 Sep 2023 11:42:44 +0530 Why It Is Important to Outsource Recruitment? In today's competitive business environment, it is more important than ever for companies to find and hire the best talent. However, the recruitment process can be time-consuming, expensive, and complex. This is where outsourcing recruitment can be a valuable solution. Outsourcing recruitment is the process of hiring an external company to handle all or part of your hiring needs. This can include tasks such as sourcing candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and making job offers. There are many benefits to outsourcing recruitment, including: Cost savings: Outsourcing recruitment can save you money in a number of ways. First, you will not have to pay the salaries and benefits of in-house recruiters. Second, you will not have to invest in recruiting software and technology. Third, you will avoid the costs associated with advertising and promoting open positions. Time savings: Outsourcing recruitment can free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and startups that do not have the resources to dedicate to a full-time recruiter. Access to a wider pool of candidates: Outsourcing recruitment firms have access to a wider pool of candidates than you may be able to reach on your own. This is because they can post your job openings on a variety of job boards and search engines. They can also network with other recruiters and hiring managers to find qualified candidates. Expertise: Outsourcing recruitment firms have the expertise and experience to find and hire the best talent for your company. They have a deep understanding of the job market and the skills and experience that are required for various positions. They also have a proven track record of success in finding and placing qualified candidates. Scalability: Outsourcing recruitment can be scaled up or down as needed. This is beneficial for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations in their staffing needs. If you are considering outsourcing recruitment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to choose a reputable and experienced recruiting firm. You should also make sure that the firm has a good understanding of your company's culture and needs. Once you have chosen a recruiting firm, you need to be clear about your expectations. This includes the types of positions you need to fill, the skills and experience you are looking for, and your budget. Outsourcing recruitment can be a great way to save time, money, and get the best talent for your company. However, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced recruiting firm. Keywords: outsourcing recruitment, benefits of outsourcing recruitment, cost savings, time savings, access to a wider pool of candidates, expertise, scalability Additional Information In addition to the benefits listed above, outsourcing recruitment can also help you: Improve your company's brand image: When you outsource recruitment, you are working with a company that has a reputation for finding and hiring top talent. This can help you improve your company's brand image and attract more qualified candidates. Reduce your risk of hiring the wrong person: Outsourcing recruitment firms have a proven track record of finding and hiring qualified candidates. This can help you reduce your risk of making a bad hire, which can be costly and time-consuming. Stay compliant with employment laws: Outsourcing recruitment firms are familiar with employment laws and regulations. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that you are compliant with all applicable laws. If you are considering outsourcing recruitment, I encourage you to do your research and find a reputable and experienced recruiting firm that can help you meet your hiring needs.